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How to become a Tool Library member!


In order to borrow tools you must sign up as a member. Once you are a member, you can borrow whatever you like for one week at a time. You can renew and reserve tools just like the book library.


Sign up for a membership

The membership fee is $30 for a year or $20 for 6 months.

If you are a Wellington Time Bank member, you can pay with 2-time credits. 

Our aim is to keep the Tool Library as accessible as possible while still having a small income to cover tool maintenance, repairs and new tools. 


Signing up is easy — just click the button below to fill in the form.

We'll need to verify your details and confirm your payment before completing your membership.  Please either email or bring in during our opening hours proof of ID, address and payment. Once this is done you will be away laughing and able to make, fix and create to your heart's content!

Become part of the team


The Tool Library runs with the help of volunteers.


You can help by volunteering your time at the Tool Library during opening hours, helping people collect and return the tools, signing up new members, etc.


If you would like to volunteer with us, click on the button below to sign up.

Repair Cafe and workshops


Other areas we'd love help in is our 'Repair Cafe' events or running DIY workshops.

Are you a pro on home improvements and repairs, bike fixing, gardening or something else?

If you'd be keen to share your knowledge in a workshop format or teaching people how to fix their broken things, we'd love to hear from you, please get in touch!

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