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Important Announcement! Vaccine passes will be require when entering the Newtown Tool Library.

The traffic light system went into place at 11.59pm Thursday 2nd December and Wellington is going orange. With the traffic light system comes Vaccine Passes. The Tool Library is a project of the Newtown Community & Cultural Centre (NCCC), whose Trust board has come to the difficult decision of requiring anyone (over 12 years and 3 months) coming into any of their venues - including the Tool Library - to show a vaccination pass. This is to keep our Tool Librarians, members and the community safe. You can see the Community Centre’s full policy here and the government’s information about the Traffic Light system here.

Vaccine passports will be required if you are coming into to the Newtown Tool Library or attending a Newtown Tool Library event held at another venue. If you have your Vaccine Pass:

-You will be able to enter the Tool Library and look at the tools -More than 1 member will be allowed inside at a time! (maximum capacity 10)

If you do not have your Vaccine Pass, you will not be able to enter the Tool Library or return tools to Smart Newtown. However, contactless pickup and drop-off will be available, on trial until the end of 2021. This can be arranged by: -Filling in the time/date that you’d like to pick up, in the notes section on MyTurn when you reserve your tools. -Emailing the Tool Library in advance with the time/date you will pick up / drop off. -A box will be arranged outside of the Tool Library space. We ask that if you are using this system to please be patient and if there are people coming or going near the entrance, you patiently wait until the people are inside or have left before retrieving/dropping off your tools.

As well as showing your Vaccine Pass, you still need to: -Scan or sign in using the Covid scanner app / paper forms -Wash/sanitise hands regularly -Stay home if you're sick -You're still encouraged to wear a mask

A call out if you haven’t yet got your Vaccine Pass: If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, please do it. We want Newtown and our Tool Library to be safe, but we don’t want anyone to miss out. You can get vaccinated at Unichem pharmacy at the Lychgate Centre (100 Riddiford Street) or head to If you’ve had your vaccinations but haven’t got your ‘My Vaccine Pass’ yet, get it sussed quick! The same Unichem can also help you get your Vaccine Pass.

The NCCC Board may decide to change this policy and reserves the right to do so. With all of this, please bear in mind that we Tool Librarians are volunteers, and we’re doing our best in a difficult situation. If you have any questions about this policy, unless it’s about tool pickup, it’s best to contact the Community Centre / 04 389 4786. If you wish to leave the Tool Library as a member because of this decision, we’d be very sorry to see you go, but will be able to refund your membership

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