Vision Statement

Tools are available for anyone in our community that needs them.  


Encouraging self-reliance, creativity and resilience.

  • Empowering individuals through workshops on techniques and DIY projects.

  • Promoting a do it yourself attitude.


Reducing our environmental footprint.

  • Sharing tools will reduce the consumption of new tools.

  • Educating community members on proper use and maintenance of tools for longer durability.  

  • Encouraging item repair instead of discarding.  


Improving housing conditions.  

  • Easy access to tools and learning materials for home improvements.


Foster a sense of community and mutual support.


Our Team

Ben - Co-coordinator

Ben Phillips was born in Newtown to a gardener and a librarian so has DIY and cataloging in the blood. He still lives close by with his family and is trying to finish all those little projects while excitedly starting new ones. He has a background in environmental management and zero waste and works as a builder/landscaper around Wellington.

Rosemary - Co-coordinator

Rosemary Patterson is a passionate gardener, outdoors enthusiast and Librarian. She got involved to show support for such a rad Library and loves to hear about all the interesting projects our members are getting up to.

Ed - Co-coordinator

Tool enthusiast and eclectic hobbyist, Ed lives in a laboratory, inventing obscure sonic instruments and exploring abstract forms. Ed is always happy to help when you have a problem, so come find him at the tool library and tell him about your project!

Nati - Founder - Co-coordinator

Argentinian living in NZ. Her background is in community development through local action, permaculture, and creative activism. She is a group facilitator that helps cultivate collaborative culture through values-driven behaviours.

Renee - Newtown Community Centre Coordinator

Renee is a coffee fiend and one day aspires to join the circus (not very realistically). She is passionate about community development (some would say that she's all things Newtown) and loves being part of the team at the Community Centre.

Eryn - Newtown Community Centre Coordinator

Eryn is the slightly scruffy punk of the Newtown Community Centre – a people person and passionate advocate. She’s got “mad Aroha” for inclusion, art, community, music, conversation and laughter. As an artist she loves to make stuff, as NCCC coordinator she loves to make stuff happen!

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