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Here is a list of tools which we would love to add to our collection for memmbers to use. If you happen to have any of these lying around the house and you would like to donate them to us, please get in touch!

Our Current Wishlist

Weed eaters

Lawn mowers

Electric drills

Industrial dust buster for sanding

Carpet shampoo machine

Hand held router

Electric hedge trimmer
Wallpaper Steamer


Impact driver bit set

Drill tips for metal cutting

Spade bit sets

Drill bit sets

Diamond drill bits

Router bits

Masonry drill bit set

Socket driver extension

Metric socket set

Pipe cutter

rattle gun/ impact wrench

Irwin quick grips ( clamps)

Really long clamps

Portable appliance tester

Crimping tool

Wire strippers

Garden loppers




Fully enclosed safety goggles

Ryobi batteries and chargers

Old Dewalt batteries and chargers

Peg board prongs

An electric Fan

Blades for reciprocating saws

Sawdust bags for our sanders

Think this list is missing something?

Thanks for submitting!

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