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Wednesday 5-7pm  Saturday 11am-1pm

What can I borrow?

Members can borrow power and hand tools at any one time. You can view the tools we have available to lend here. We are still adding tools to our inventory, so please check our online inventory or get in touch if you don’t see the tool you need. You can keep the tool for one week. It’s free to borrow tools once you have become a member.

What if I don’t return an item?

You’re preventing other members from using tools they need, so we urge you to return your loans on time! As a helpful reminder, emails will be sent out to notify you the items are overdue.

How much does it cost?

Membership is $30 for a year or $20 for 6 months, or;

If you are a Wellington Time Bank Member, you can pay with 2-time credits. 

Our aim is to keep the Tool Library as accessible as possible while still having a small income to cover tool maintenance, repairs and new tools. 

Once you are member, there are no charges to borrow tools or use the workshop. There will be a charge for classes but we’ll offer a concession rate and discounts for members.

How can I volunteer?

The tool library is totally reliant on our brilliant volunteers, and we welcome new members to our team. We hold volunteer inductions and training session throughout the year. Regular volunteers can use the library for free as a thank you for their work

Join in the fun and become an official Tool Library member!

Signing up is easy just click the button above to fill in the form.

We'll need to verify your details and confirm your payment before completing your membership, please either email or bring in during our opening hours proof of ID, address and payment. Once this is done you will be ready to make, fix and create to your hearts content!

Become part of the team!

The Tool Library runs 100% with the help of its wonderful volunteers, and you know what they say - many hands make light work. 


If you have a couple of hours every few weeks and would like to get involved in a great initiative with an awesome team, please sign up to help! Volunteer roles can be varied but mainly consist of being on a shift (issuing tools, signing up new members, checking emails, etc) but can also be things like Tagging and Testing tools, tool maintenance, website maintenance, and social media. The sky's the limit for volunteer options so if you would like to help in other ways please let us know!


Repair Cafe and workshops

Other areas we'd love help in is our 'Repair Cafe' events or running DIY workshops.

Are you a pro on home improvements and repairs, bike fixing, gardening or something else?

If you'd be keen to share your knowledge in a workshop format or teaching people how to fix their broken things, we'd love to hear from you, please get in touch!








Wednesday 5-7pm  Saturday 11am-1pm

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